How to Clean

Dirt, for many people, can be likened to a thousand little blades that penetrate carpet fibers. When one walks across a soiled carpet, one can grind sharp dirt particles against the yarn, resulting in small nicks in the fibers. All that fuzz incorporated with the dirt found in vacuum cleaner bags can make or break a beautiful carpet. That said, it is not surprising that carpets cope with a lot of things, bet it mud, pet hair, and crumbs from previously enjoyed meals. These are something a quick vacuum round will not be able to sort out. Discover more about carpets.

The situation is direr than one may think: Unwashed carpets can quickly become a haven for dust mites, which can put people at higher risk of skin irritation and breathing problems triggered by an allergy to all sorts. It is essential to understand that vacuuming a carpet is not enough. One needs to reach deep into where the embedded dirt and germs exist, and here are different ways to do it:

Begin With a Clean Bag or Filter

A dirty vacuum bag or filter can cut the suction power in half. One of the reasons why bagless vacuums suddenly stop working is that filters are not changed or cleaned often enough. One should replace or wash the filters on bagless vacuums every three months or less. Make sure that these little compartments are replaced when they are three-quarters full.

Pretreat Stains and Do Not Wet the Carpet Too Much

To effectively tackle frustrating stains on carpets, make sure to mix a drop of detergent with hot water in a spray bottle. This solution can be used when lightly misting the dirtiest areas. Let the misted sections sit out for more than five minutes before starting the general cleaning. Another critical thing to note is the amount of moisture put into the carpet. To prevent this, make only one pass with the soap and water solution previously mixed. After, make two or three drying passes with the water off.

Get the Carpet Professionally Cleaned

This is probably the easiest solution available. There are times when one might feel he or she has stayed on top of the game but the time has finally come to step it up a notch and look for the best carpet cleaner for reclaiming the like-new look of the carpet. Having it cleaned professionally remains as the most efficient cleaning solution. Look for a reputable professional carpet cleaner to handle this time-intensive and tedious job. Remember, too, that neglecting to have the carpet frequently cleaned by a certified pro may cancel any warranty.

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