Cleaning: Step by Step

Definitely, a clean home is actually the prime need for all of us. For achieving a clean home, carpet cleaning plays a major role. At all times it is absolutely mandatory to clean your carpets often. Cleaning the carpets periodically in your home will help you to get rid of disease-causing germs.

For maintaining and cleaning your carpet, first of all, you need to know the steps involved in cleaning carpet and hiring a professional carpet cleaner for doing the task in your home will make your job even easier. The following article will depict the step by step procedure involved in cleaning your carpets at home.

a woman cleaning a window with mask and yellow gloves
Woman cleaning a window with mask and gloves

#1- Pre-Inspection

Before engaging yourself in cleaning a carpet, the first thing you need to do is examining the carpet for stains and discoloration. A technician will generally find permanent stains on your carpet and will suggest some beneficial ideas to make the expected results. Complete invoice will also be given before starting the cleaning procedure.

#2- Pre-Vacuum

One of the important things in the cleaning process is removing dry soil. Just by following thorough vacuuming dry soil will be removed.

#3- Moving the Furniture

For allowing the pre-spray to work deeper into your carpet, the furniture’s, tables and any other items over the carpet need to be moved. Also, placing protective blocks below the furniture can help in the drying of carpets without any new furniture stains.

#4- Pre-Spray

After this, the technician may apply special cleaning formula to get rid of stains and dirt from the carpet. The preconditioning spray will loosen the dirt over the carpet surface and helps in removing the dirt easily.

#5- Pre-spot

For increasing the chances of removal in difficult areas, the carpets are pre-treated with special agents or solutions. Stains caused because of coffee, inks, dyes and food will always be an added cost.

a hand holding a yellow cleaning spray
A hand holding a cleaning spray

#6- Pre-Grooming

If necessary for further loosening of the stain from the carpet, an expert carpet groomer is used.

#7- Rinsing and Soil Extraction

After pre-grooming, the stains are removed by subjecting the carpet into a professional dirt extractor. The extractor usually comes with the powerhead and it allows maximum soil extraction and eradicates the need of over rinsing the carpet.

#8- Post Grooming

After treating your carpet with a professional dirt extractor, doing post grooming will help you in drying your carpet more easily with no additional stains and issues.

#9- Fast drying

Additionally, for promoting fast drying of carpets high speed air movers are placed over the carpet. It promotes fast drying of carpets.

man cleaning glass windows of a skyscraper
Man cleaning glass windows

#10- Post-Inspection

Once cleaning is done the professional carpet cleaner along with you will examine the cleaning results in order to verify that all the stains have been perfectly removed from the carpet surface.

Overall, cleaning the carpet may seem to be a tedious task for almost all of us and hence the above listed 10 carpet cleaning steps will help you in giving your carpet a brand new look! At the same time, perfect cleaning results can be experienced only from a professional carpet cleaner and hence hire an expert cleaner for cleaning your carpets.

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