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I’ve had it for a while obviously two years now and I love it I also have a nail polish obsession so I wanted to make its own basket for that with my individual soak off gel nail polish that I also get from Amazon with my little LED light so I wanted to create baskets for each of those and then also like my hair supplies so that everything is in its own zone I can easily reach for it and not have to like scramble through a bunch of junk in one basket you ain’t got enough of this fever I know I also realized that I am a makeup hoarder I have so much makeup that I’d love to try out but I never wear

I am a very basic simple girl I like just foundation a little bit of eye shadow mascara and eyeliner and eye and I go back to the same products over and over I have my favorites so I just really went through and was very hard and got rid of a ton of stuff I rarely wear lipstick and I had to draw pools of lipstick in there and I was like what am I even doing so I let my daughter go through the lipstick so she could have fun trying some out but I got rid of a ton because I don’t know why I’m rolling onto things that I don’t use so this is really kind of therapeutic for me to go through and get rid of like things I’m not using been traveling over the summer

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