rug cleaning

also so more of the multi-purpose or all-purpose cleaners these are Method all-purpose cleaners and I really do like these I think they do a pretty good job of cleaning surfaces they are not antibacterial so I don’t use these to clean my bathrooms or anything like that but just for regular counter tops I found them to be really gentle even on my butcher block I use them with a wet cloth just to do like spot cleaning so my favorite out of these is probably either the grapefruit or the lime and sea salt the orange is okay but if I had to choose I’d choose one of these two also in addition I wanted to mention some products that I don’t like because I think it’s important to talk about those as well you know you do have some hits and some misses when you’re buying cleaning products so this method antibac I I do not like it I’m probably actually going to throw it away it is very odd to me to have a bacterial impact aerial cleaner smell like spearmint and when you’re cleaning the bathroom with this the scent of spearmint mixed with bathroom is like not good at all

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