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our bed is actually not even on a frame it’s the box springs are sitting on the floor and we we did that on purpose we used to have a bed frame but our poor pug couldn’t jump that high and he refused to use the little doggie stairs so we moved the bed down so he could get on and off our bed a little bit easier because I like sleeping with him he is a great little coupler and especially since my husband works away from the home Monday through Friday I like having my pug Sammy sleep with me as a comfort so anything to make him his life a little bit easier and my life because otherwise I would have to pick him up every time he wanted to get on the bed and that was just exhausting my favorite should be more kayvon sure it’s gave Andhra and they use my my hot California I forgot I look like if I’m going in mingi

Oh no should be more feel Oh I get asked a lot about my headboard this is a piece of plywood with some foam and batting stapled around it we custom cut the headboard out in the shape that I preferred and the fabric is actually an old Pottery Barn duvet that we had I hate duvets with a fiery passion I am just I don’t know I could never get them on I’m kind of a tiny person believe it or not and trying to struggle to put a king-sized duvet just was not worth it so I was super sad we couldn’t use it anymore and I decided to make it into a headboard and it’s it’s been about I think three or four years that it’s been a headboard and I love it as a headboard instead of it just sitting in a closet somewhere so that is the story of my headboard so you don’t wanna be thing but I’m not the loners cause I don’t think this dresser has been moved since we’ve gotten carpet in here but so years probably since I’ve like moved out the dresser and the baseboard

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