today I am doing some deep cleaning of all the Forgotten and neglected spots in my house and I’m also doing some major declutter in my bathroom and other areas of my house I wanted to start in my bathroom because under my sink has been driving me absolutely nuts I organized it probably I don’t know six months ago but it just was not doing it for me it just was not efficient it just wasn’t like look the baskets just became baskets of junk instead of being like organized and easy to get to I lost some things in there I found some things in there when I’m going through all that stuff so hopefully you guys can get some deep cleaning motivation some decluttering motivation

my best friend didn’t care about the rules cut on the weekends I’ll be imposed written
the deeps bag so cravings are stupid just like the movies I was gonna say in the fight with you just to give you it we couldn’t do it each and every heart every night with you you release Oh singing along to the will it felt so good to go through all those baskets and organized by type I have a hair of removal basket because I have my own waxing pot actually Iraq’s my own eyebrows it whacks my kids eyebrows so I have a hair removal station right there so I can get to it easily and I got that little wax pot from Amazon

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