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that’s just a nice collection of cat hair back there and I have went ahead and changed my cloth several times because deep cleaning requires and new cloths I don’t care how many times I rinse it it it needed a new cloth as this dark furniture also is a pet hair magnet and because of the way that the doors are made it has these deep crevices so I don’t do this weekly I do dust it weekly but I don’t get in there with a q-tip weekly that’s more probably of a monthly deeper clean because I can pretty much grab any pet hair and things but sometimes it just kind of gets lodged in the corners and all the q-tip will scoop me right now cuz I’m final my yeah take me back into your arms I want to dis with you my leather and be next to you be with the Stars give me one much

I am always amazed at what you find behind furniture like I don’t even know how some of this stuff gets back there I promise I’ll try try to make you happy and be nice to you believe they stars give me one much is my how about you guys but I love a white noise so I found this air purifier and it makes the perfect amount of noise without having a big like standing rotating fan I used to have the big fan in here but it just got in the way and I only needed it for at night for noise so I got one and each of the kids got one of the air purifiers in the brim helps purify the air and also is a great white noise do you guys need white noise asleep I do I’m just like a baby I need my noise machine

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