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I use that clear bag for all my toiletries and my makeup and I realized that that was the perfect size I didn’t need that double double layer pink Victoria Secret bag that I’m taking the makeup from right now I have been using that for years and I just kept getting just stuffed full of all sorts of odds and ends and makeup and stuff I’m not using so I figured it would be nice to finally get rid of that and just use that clear slim bag easier to grab easier to use and I can see everything that’s in it Oh time but that doesn’t wait you

this little side table my husband picked up for me from savers for like eight bucks I want to say and I refinished it with some chalk paint I take it back every single night I love that routine I love that pamper at the end of the night I can relax and scroll on Instagram I take my vitamins every night so I wanted to go through and make those a little bit more easily accessible get rid of some things that I really didn’t need some old dish like that tin that I threw in the trash that’s like four years old like lush container I don’t know why I still had it it was useful it held some of my extra things but I like the simplicity of these little baskets that I picked up from Target and I can easily reach in get my vitamins take those while in the back and have everything nice and neat in their own special spot we could be in for the best though I didn’t do a deep clean on my bathtub this time but I will be doing a deep clean of my jetted tub

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