10 Kinds Of


When it comes to laying a carpet, there are many different types.

10 kinds of carpets

Depending on where the carpet will be laid and the type of building it will be in highly depends on which kind of carpet you will use.

1 Textured Cut Carpet

This type of carpet is created by using various lengths of pile giving the carpet a more textured feel. One of the most notable things about this type of carpet is that it does not show any imprints making it ideal for high traffic areas.

2 Saxony Cut Carpet

This soft carpet is designed to be luxurious and dense. The fibres of this kind of carpet are usually shorter which adds to the ‘fuzzy’ texture and is perfect for use in lower traffic areas.

3 Loop Pile Carpet

This kind of carpet is not cut and the pile is left in loop formations, giving the carpet its name. This is a carpet which is perfect for busy areas such as an office and is extremely easy to clean.

4 Wool Carpet

A wool carpet is known to be the softest type of carpet available and is long lasting and extremely luxurious. However, it is important to choose a more expensive wool in order to maintain the quality. Since wool carpets are not made with any chemicals, they are perfect for those who suffer with allergies.

5 Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic carpets are sometimes known as synthetic wool since they highly resemble their natural counterparts. These carpets are excellent at resisting dirt and moisture and so are ideal for busy areas.

6 Polyester

If you are looking for a carpet which will hold its colour for a long time then polyester is the material to opt for. Certain polyester carpets may be made from recycled plastic making them excellent for the environment as well as being hypo-allergenic.

7 Olefin Carpet

The olefin carpet is one of the most popular carpet types and it’s not hard to see why. This type of carpet features pile which is similar to wool making it soft. It is very stain resistant so perfect for use in a family room.

8 Nylon Carpet

The most popular material for carpet, nylon is excellent at resisting stains and wears well, lasting for many years. The colour of nylon carpets is known to last for many years so is perfect for those looking for a long term solution for flooring.

9 Cut Pile Carpet

A cut pile carpet has the exposed fibres ‘shaved’ off which makes this a very soft kind of carpet that is very easy to clean. This type of carpet can come in a variety of lengths but is known to show imprints and so may work better in a low traffic area.

10 Plush Pile

This is a type of carpet which features extremely short fibres that are very closely packed together. Whilst this is a very luxurious type of carpet, it is known to wear easily and so should never be used in an area where there is a lot of traffic such as a hallway. This type may work better in a bedroom.

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